Amerson River Park: Facility Renting


Amerson River Park offers six beautiful venues for public renting.
-The Bluff Pavilion is located near the pathway toward the riverbed inlet.
-The Sheridan Overlook is an open area that also provides a scenic view of the Ocmulgee River.
-The Overlook Pavilion has a view of the Sheridan Overlook and has a grill near the back, toward the pathway.
-The Porter Pavilion is visible from the front gate, across from Lawson Field. It features a beautiful canopy with ample room for seating, and a backdrop of the Ocmulgee River.
-The AGL Playground has a large Pavilion that includes an A and B side, with a total of 11 tables. It’s in close proximity of the playground and restrooms.
-The two open areas at Amerson River Park are the Great Plain and Lawson Field. Both have a lush grassy area, with ample space for a large scale event, such as a concert or performance.

Rental Time: 10 A.M. – 1 P.M. OR 2:00 P.M. – 5 P.M.

Bluff Pavilion


½ day – $150

All day – $300

Overlook Pavilion


½ day – $150

All day – $300

Porter Pavilion


½ day – $375

All day – $750

AGL Playground Pavilion


3 Hrs
$100 A Side or B Side
$200 Both Sides
Side A – 6 Tables
Side B – 12 Tables
All day
$200 A Sides or B Sides
$400 Both Sides
Side A – 6 Tables
Side B – 12 Tables

Sheridan Overlook


½ day – $500

All day – $1000

Open Areas


Special Events – $100 Hr.